Sunday, 15 May 2016

DC Reid - Sport Fishing Books

If you would like to support my sending out a weekly column (and if you are not on the list yet, send me an email and I will make it so), I would be happy if you would buy a book from me.

Fishing for Dreams, Touchwood, comprises many salt and freshwater fishing trips and tales. From my motoring into fog from Victoria to Tofino, and having the door of my boat being ejected from hitting a wave too hard, to the helicopter beat of blades in Haida Gwaii, I have gathered some of the many stories that have happened to me over the years. Price: $16.95. Postage, $5.

Maximum Salmon, Harbour Publishing, is a big fat book filled with hardcore fishing information to catch the big fish from California to Alaska. A colour plate of lures and flies. This is open ocean, on shore, on beaches, estuaries and up rivers to catch the salmon. The picture on the book is me and my first 50 pound salamon taken at Cheney Point, Milbanke. Price: $30. Postage, $10.

Vancouver Island Fishing Guide, Amato Publishers, is the go-to book for fishing the biggest island on the Pacific Ocean coast from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. Covers both saltwater and freshwater. From open ocean to up rivers. I have fished all the saltwater on the big island, and more than 40 river drainages and lakes. Price: $30. Postage, $10.

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